Monday, April 11, 2016

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Salem Police Department Applauds the Constant Efforts of our 9-1-1 Dispatchers
As we celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, April 10—16, 2016, we recognize the incredible work of these particularly important employees who perform such a critical role in our team of first responders. They are often the first person in the public safety team that individuals connect to when calling the Police Department or calling 9-1-1. They are often the voice during an emergency that tries to calm a caller in order to obtain critical information for police officers to effectively respond to that persons call for help. The information they obtain during a call is one of the best tools needed to prepare police officers or firefighters in responding to emergencies. We applaud their tireless efforts, their calm approach, their guidance in determining the problem, their relentless efforts to find all the information necessary and essential to providing assistance, and for doing this in an extremely professional manner in service to the Police Department and to the residents of the City of Salem, and all who visit our fine City.
Melissa Saraiva has been a Salem 9-1-1 Dispatcher since October 2010 and is frequently heard as the voice during the day shift. Growing up in a law enforcement family and having a good business sense, she provides our team with a coordinated effort of service and response.
Keegan Stokes has been a Salem 9-1-1 Dispatcher since December 2010 and he is one of the voices during the night shift. With his experience in law enforcement and with NEMLEC IMT he relentlessly finds information for our responding officers.
Michael Griffin has been a Salem 9-1-1 Dispatcher since January 2011 and he is another of the voices during the night shift. Having served as a Dispatcher with NEMLEC IMT during the Boston Marathon Bombings, he tenaciously tracks information and callers for responding officer.
Charles McKenna has been a Salem 9-1-1 Dispatcher since February of 2013 and is our second voice of day shift dispatching. His mature and pleasant demeanor provides a sense of calmness to any emergency.
Michael Prosniewski has been a Salem 9-1-1 Dispatcher since September of 2015, our newest voice on the police radio night shift. With extensive experience in emergency medical service he provides valuable information as rapidly as the calls come in.
It is with great pride we recognize our dispatchers and publicly thank them for their constant service and commitment to the safety of our community.