Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parking Restrictions Update - 2/11/14

Parking restrictions will be reviewed following the storm that is starting on 2/14/15 and an updated message will be posted.

As our partners at the Department of Public Works continue to recover from the snowfall accumulated over the past two weeks and in the interest of public safety the Salem Police remind the public of the following parking restrictions currently in effect.

  • "No Parking on Either Side" on certain streets
    After evaluating certain streets in the city we have found numerous streets that can not accommodate parking on either side. Residents on these streets should park their vehicles on the even side of streets in their neighborhood, on main entrance corridors, or in alternate off street lots. See this link for a list of off street parking lots
    See This Link for Streets Currently Restricted on Both Sides
  • "No Parking on Odd Side" of residential streets
    Due to snow accumulation on city streets we are restricting parking on the odd side of the street. Only park vehicles on the even side of residential streets until further notice.
    If a street regularly does not allow parking on the even side of the street, continue to follow normal parking restrictions.
    In the event that parked vehicles do not allow for 12 feet of clearance in the street, no parking is allowed. Vehicles impeding the passage of emergency vehicles will be ticketed and towed.
  • The Department of Public Works and their contractors will be completing snow removal operations around the city in the coming days. Be sure to regularly check for updates on related parking restrictions and work areas. We encourage all residents to sign up for CodeRed the cities notification system to receive notifications from City Hall. See this page on for more

If you have questions about parking please contact us at 978-744-1212.