Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Operations Update - 2/25/15

We promise there will be a time that we provide an update on something other than snow, but in the mean time the Salem Police would like to pass on the following:

Temporary Parking and Traffic Restrictions

No Parking Either Side restrictions remain in effect on many streets throughout the city. A handful of streets have also been made One Way's. As snow removal operations continue to widen certain streets we are removing unneeded restrictions. Residential streets not listed remain restricted to parking on the even side only. We encourage everyone to regularly check the list of streets on

No Parking Either Side:
Temporary One Way:

Snow Removal Operations

The Department of Public Works and their contractors continue to remove snow from key areas of the city. These plans are being evaluated and changed on a day by day basis. We ask that residents parked along main roads regularly check and for signs posted along their streets for information about snow removal. We are making every attempt we can prior to having to tow a vehicle for snow removal.

Police Operations

The Salem Police are continuing to adapt to the changing snow conditions. As complaints are received by our communications personnel officers are being assigned to investigate or we are contacting responsible agencies to respond. Prior to taking any enforcement action officers are attempting to locate the owners of motor vehicles. Our traffic division is regularly monitoring the changing conditions and updating restrictions as needed. During school opening and closings officers are being posted at schools to provide visible assistance as our call volume allows. We encourage residents to continue to contact us at 978-744-1212 with questions or concerns about parking and traffic issues.

Future Concerns

As we continue to move towards spring we echo our partners in other city departments in asking residents to clear storm drains of snow. A map of storm drains throughout the city is available on the city's GIS website at: (Select Drainage System and then Catch Basins)
There is also significant continuing concern about snow on flat roofs. Homeowners and landlords should keep in mind the weight of snow as it accumulates. Check out this page from MEMA about the hazards:
The Department of Public Works has crews assigned to repair potholes on city streets. They are requesting that residents report any potholes through the SeeClickFix App on your phone or at

We appreciate the support and patience during the past couple weeks. Please continue to share information with your friends and neighbors about parking restrictions and snow removal.